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We play because we still can, but don't tell our wives and partners, they think we are volunteering at the local animal shelter, when in fact what we said, was, we are going to play with a bunch of animals! 

Next game

Away v Surrey Vikings

KO 10:00 am Sunday 23rd February 2020

Last game was

Against South Hill 65.

Result was FUFC 3 - South Hill 2
Highlights of the game cable misses a penalty, but stops 2 clear goals off our line to make up for it!  New penalty taker required, send resume and video reel to Albert or Walter.

09 Feb 2020         FUFC 2 Port Moody 2            

02 Feb 2020       FUFC 5 Chilliwack 0

What a game, you should have been there!

This game could easily have ended 8, 9 or even 10-0 had we put away all our chances.This game saw the debut of "Andy" who is Albert's brother and was playing his first game in 30 years. He was probably the reason Albert wanted to impress and scored his hat trick. 

We want to Thank Mike "Jonesy" for missing 2 sitters, in order to very sportingly allow others to catch up to him in the Golden Boot race and not run up the score.
If I remember correctly Dan and John scored our other 2 goals. ( If I am wrong I apologise in advance) Cable was robbed by the referee of a blatant penalty call as he was hacked from behind in the box. 

Every player faught hard and got the well deserved win. Some good passing today was a key part of the win as was the tactical substitutions made by Ron who made his coaching debut and remains undefeated in that role. 

Richmond Rumble !

Sunday 26th January 2020

When  I say it was “hard fought” I mean it and explicit details will outline  later the key moment that epitomized the word fight .
The  Mighty FU started strong and opened the scoring on a pin point cross  from 21 that found Dale at the back post to power in a ferocious header  1.nil.
They  tied it up on a well-deserved goal off a shot that handcuffed Walter .  They then went ahead on a blatant offside that was so ridiculous it had  to be a gift from the ref to his former playing buddies. Jonesy evened  it up as he met a nice ball crossed by Kelly for a tap in at the far  post 2-2.
They went ahead again on another questionable goal . But everyone put in a real shift today  and we built up some hard worked pressure that resulted in a ball  passed ( sorry I cant remember by who) that found Jonesy again who had  nothing else on his mind but to shoot and caught the goalie by surprise  to tie it up again on a brilliant quick look shot that went in past the  frozen keeper for his second goal and our third to tie it again this  time at 3-3.   Then the penultimate moment arrived to deliver our comeback on a play  that saw a great cross from Gary that found Brian who rose like he was  filming a Viagra commercial to glance in a header to put us 4-3 up .
They  pressed hard and were almost gifted the tying goal again as one of  their forwards ( Paul the fisherman who we all know from joining us on  many past Victoria tournaments ) uncharacteristically challenged our  keeper Ward ( who had taken over in goal from Walt at the half),as he  caught the ball in the air . The ref should have warned him and put him  in the book or deservedly sent him off as it was well beyond the well  accepted no fly zone around a keeper that we all adhere to with great  self discipline and respect. When he did it very soon after a second  time Ron saw red and came to a very brave Wards defence and confronted  the Olympic villain . It quickly came to blows as Ron” took the fight”  to him as the ref was doing nothing and as they tangled blood started to  flow from the Olympic culprit’s head, so the ref was finally forced to  red card them both . Despite a few more very one-sided calls putting us  under extreme yet undeserved pressure as the ref tried to favour his  buddies again to a tying call we held on to till the final whistle . 
4-3 .
Everyone  should be very proud of the way we came back . 2020 starts off with us  undefeated and well deserved and extremely well earned . On a personal  note I felt the ref really  embarrassed himself today  with many blatantly one sided calls for his ex team mates . He did all  he could to give them the advantage and should never have let our goalie  be brutalized not once but in fact twice ,as he repeatedly departed  from the expected impartiality he should have displayed in respect of  the game . He made a mockery out of a good game and it was particularly  rewarding that we overcame the adversity with good old fashioned grit . 
Proud to be playing with the Mighty FU 
Cheers 21

Fights are not always pretty, but this fighter may change your perceptions on that!

Why is there such rivalry between Manchester and Liverpool.........

Liverpool Legends V Milan Glorie

Looks like FUFC legends, similar physique on some of the players anyway!

You all think you're Lionel Messi

But if you were, this fabulous lady would be your wife.

Just because there is no game you will still need to Remember to stretch those muscles to stay in shape!

FUFC 3 Polonia 3

 Although breaking tradition submitting a report without a win ,this week  deserved a write up ,to echo the heartfelt emotion wrung out of the  lads at the final whistle over this very good result on the day .  Without regulars ,our Captain, the Kaiser ,and the editor ( aka cable)  ,coming from behind three times , against a well disciplined skillful  team ,had to be recognized  .
They were barely in our half in the  first 45 as we controlled midfield, defence was well organized ,and we  had the better of the chances although it remained 0-0 at the break .All  the scoring came soon after as they took the lead to go one up on a  nice through pass that left Walter with little chance . A controversial  hand ball awarded us a penalty ,that Jonesey took nicely sending their  keeper the wrong way . They got a second . Then Ward danced in from the  right wing , stopped suddenly Teeing the ball up himself for a  wonder-blast that was unstoppable, top corner , get in there !!! .  Within seconds they took the lead again on a make up penalty call  against Brad . Who would have been given a trip to the principles office  for the language he expleeted at his unjust victimization . Storming  off the field was his final act of defiance but after cooling off  luckily returned soon after ,to hold up the back line for the rest of  the game . Despite them having most of the play and pressure on us and  it looking unlikely we could come back a third time ,the ball squirted  out to Dale who led his defender down the wing like a shepherd with a  blind lamb to slaughter . His cross found the on rushing Jonesy slotting  it in to tie us up again at 3-3 . Walter made a terrific game saving  stop to keep us level . They had the chance for a certain winner on a  missed open goal flub , and at the very end , the even the post was on  our side to keep out the last kick of the game .
Hard fought , well earned result . Great job lads .

Albert's header or was it his chest, either way , its a goal!

The re  -match revenge against Aldergrove went just the way we planned it. They  were flattered at only a 3.0 lambasting, it could have been more as  uncle Walter didn’t have to put down his Knitting once. Hard tackling,  getting on their ball carrier early and close control when we had it  broke them down quicker than a testifier in the trump inquiry.
Brian  was put through on a breakaway ( I think by Cable or it could have been  Ron ) . with two defenders catching up to him and the keeper coming out  to close the angle he cleverly slotted the ball into the far corner to  put us 1.0 nil up. Later that half Jonsey met a cross to head it down  and through the keepers legs to make it 2.0 to take us to the half. They  had some threating play but none that really penetrated with much  deliberation or challenge .Knowing 2.0 is sometimes a curse of a score  the charge went out to hold firm, surrender nothing, and keep taking it  to them, as the best plan to maintain our lead and that was the result .  Tenacious tackling , stalwart defending and creative play out of our  own end saw the barn gate closed firmly on the Aldergrove hoard .  Although they had numerous home field calls from the ref ,who should be  embarrassed at that level of favouritism ,we held firm. The icing on the  cake came with 10 mins left ( see video) . Cable put over a great cross  from a free kick that should have been a card or sending off had it not  been an Aldergrove favourite of the ref , for Albert to head home the  third.
Several other  forays could have got more points on the board but 3.0 to get us back on  even ground after their victory over us last month was Sweet Revenge .

 21 working his magic 

Legion 88 V FUFC

As seen by FUFC

The game on Sunday  was a remake of speedy winger – (Speedy Winger2) except the main actor  changed from 21 to Kelly. Legion 88 was looking for revenge  from the previous weeks defeat.
It was a noon start and it appeared that our team thought it was a lunch break as Legion 88 went up 2-0 at the half. Their first goal was a cross  to their right side of the field and their player picked the corner on  Walter. Their second goal was a penalty shot as Ward tried his version  of ElChopo on the player as the player went  down like he was shot 3 times in the head. The ref appeared to be bias  as they would run over our players but if we touched their players the  whistle would go. I asked the ref about a call and he said that Albert  went in to hard – is that even a penalty????  I must say the ref did call the off sides.    
At  the half the ref came over to our bench and tried to tell us about the  new rules, he was talking down to us like we lived in a cave. We  refocussed  and finished our lunch break at the half and got to work.
A  ball came to the left side where Kerry picked it up and as the other  team had watched Wards rendition of ElChopo they tried it on Kerry but  somehow  he stayed on his feet and slotted the ball into the back of the net.  You could hear Kerry complaining about the Paul Bunyan  like chop/hack all the way back to center field. I am sure I heard Babe  the Blue Ox Crying as he waited to hall Kerry off of the field after  Paul had finished with him. At this point of the game was taken over by  Speedy Winger 2. While flying down the right wing Speedy Winger 2  crossed the ball and it went over the keepers head  and into the back corner of the net. Speedy Winger 2 said that it was a  shot and he does that shot all the time (I will leave it at that). So  at 2-2 it was Speedy Wing 2 again breaking down the right side and  delivered a cross that went to back post where  Jonesey was there to tap it in. As the time was running out they  brought the ball down their right side of the field and Walter was  yelling at the defence to pick up the loose players on the other side.  As always everyone ignored Walter! The cross came in  to the far left side of the field where 2 of their players were  unmarked. As Walter was still directing traffic the one player shot and  Walter directed the ball into his own net as he was still trying to give  hand signals to our players. 
We did well to come back as we did not look very good in the first half. 
The double shelters did the trick to keep us dry. – May have to break out the heater soon 
Dogs and Refreshments were great as Kerry continued to tell Paul Bunyan stories.
Oh, in the first half we tried to shadow #8 and it seemed to affect our shape in the mid-field.
See all of you this week including Speedy Winger 1 and 2.
Dales IN       

Summer 2019

FUFC goes the season undefeated!

Thanks to all the combatants that turned up each week to ply their trade, some of you will not be staying with us for the winter season and to those, we say, thank you and wish you well for your winter season games, except when you play the mighty FU.

  FUFC away to Surrey Vikings June 25th 2019  

 Two nil up after 30 mins as our two man strikeforce continued their goal  scoring streaks. Jonesey delivered the opener the with a nice ,calmly  taken shot to keep his tally at 5 goals in the last 3 games . John added  his 6 th in 6 games as 21 chipped a cross field cross over the last  defender to put him in alone on the keeper who he beat low and hard at  the far post . We could have used a third but it remained elusive  especially as they clawed back in the last 20 mins to get one back and  then level with only minutes remaining. Apart from a quiet spell to open  the second half we delivered a very good account of ourselves but the  Viking raids were rewarded where ours fell a little short . A draw in  the end that felt like a loss but our strikers stayed sharpe and  everyone else played well on the day so small constellation is at least  it wasn’t a loss .
See you all for next weeks instalment if FU “grass blades of glory “
Cheers 21

no mention of the red card to 21, I am sure if the ref looked like this he would have remembered getting the card, or maybe not!

FUFC 5  First Capital six studs 2

 Let the church bells ring! Release the purest white doves ! Slaughter  the fatted calf and remember this day ! Jonesey scores a hat trick  against our old friend Andy Osborne ,arguably the best keeper we have  played against . The evening saw a dominating performance by the mighty  FU as they toyed with first capital like Trump teases his swoop before a  phot op . The opening goal came off 7 or 8 well put together passes  that left the about to be crowned player of the game Jonesey, with a  great chance from the left side which he dispatched with a plom. A  second came soon after this time a tap in from more deft cutting apart  of the capital defence . Runner up in the player of the game category  was Gene who would laced his shot high and out of reach of their goalie  for number 3 before the half. They got one against the run of play  before John made no mistake on his breakaway chance this week for a  fourth. They got another in a good price of individual effort as their  forward beat three of our defenders to make it 4-2 before the man of the  match decided to climb the mound of immorality by blasting a shot from  just inside the 18 yard box that was turned onto the post but had too  much momentum left to go in behind the sprawling keeper . 5-2 at the  whistle and many accolades should go to all tonight  as it was a great team effort defence and midfield were lights out  superior to their opposition. Again Hats off to one of the most reliable  foot soldiers in the FU ranks who deserved the special accolades at the  post game regalia. Well done Jonesey . As a footnote having  six subs  really helped keeping legs fresh and inventive minds sharp enough to  slice and dice apart the capital defence for a much deserved victory. 
Looking forward to next week already . Cheers 21. (Aka the breakaway Flubber ) . 
You had to be there to see it to believe it ! 

How to take the perfect penalty.

You never know when you will be called upon to deliver !

May 16th 2019 First Capital (aka Six studs) 2    FUFC 3

 On a pleasant night for the beautiful game old friends were brought together as a result of our re alignment to the 60's division . Lining up tonight against combatants our old friends from the Fort Six Packs including many former alumni on both side took to the field . A slow start by both sides resulted in a surprise lead by the six pack as they drove in on a breakaway to open the scoring . Relentless return pressure resulted in the tying goal from the foot of Dan after some great through ball build up to find him alone at the far post to slot it home . Just before the half Dan got a second on a precision placed cross from 21 on the right wing to find Dan at the back post for a well met header into the far corner of the net beating our old friend Andy . Both sides had an unusually well bolstered bench tonight to draw from ,which as the game wore on become a lifesaver as it was a big muggy and the heat was noticeable on the aged bodies not used to anything more strenuous than the occasional trip to the fridge for a cold one or right after that a more hurried dash to the little boys room . Walter had a few challenges but overall FU commanded most of the play as Gene and Albert stood defiant and determined as the backbone of tonight's FU lineup .
Dans hat trick was completed with 15 mins to go as his shot from outside the box went deftly in off the far post to tally his and our third .
Some late drama occurred as they got a second on a blatantly missed offside but relentlessly the mighty FU held on for the win .
So as we open our account in the 60's with a win ,brighter horizons beckon.
Cheers 21


Victoria Tournament 

April 6th and 7th 2019

With a very respectable 2 wins and only one loss record ,this years  participation in the annual road trip to our provincial capital was  particularly enjoyable . As always thanks to Uncle Walt for pulling it  all together. Orange ! we glad we have you ! 

Highlights on the field  were two ,come from behind wins ,that were hard fought and well deserved. 

Leading tournament goal scorer was Cable who had a tally in two games  including a penalty their goalie is still feeling the scorch burns up  side his head from the rocket put by him . 

Jonesey, John and Terry  scored as well, as we won 2-1 on both occasions where we came out on  top.

Man of the weekend on the field was Albert who never stopped  running and was a key reason for our success.

Save of the tournament was  by Paul who stood tall to stop a penalty from arguably the best player  we faced . This was the turning point in the game and set up the winner  from John on a breakaway . 

Thanks also to Paul for recruiting Terry all  the way from Orcas island south of the boarder who scored a great header  to be the game winner in the other victory.

Man of the trip was Dale  who’s  karaoke  performances will live in infamy! If you haven’t seen  them yet get a copy along with a box of Kleenex .

Thanks to all who came  sorry for all who missed it .  

The Mighty F.U. Team photos

One of these might not actually be the mighty FU!

The unluckiest Goalkeeper

Walter, you were never this unlucky!

Goalkeeping 101

The Scorpion kick

This is from the England v Columbia game at Wembley Stadium 1995. The keepers name is Rene Higuita. His nickname was El Loco for his high risk style of play.


Sorry Manfred, just had to post this one!

More practical tips

Control the ball with your chest.

At this stage of life I would suggest heading the ball less and learning to "chest" the ball down to gain control and lessen the risk of a concussion.
The attached picture shows how to do this in a safe manner.

Tips to have you playing like a pro.

or better!

Stretching out before the game

very important

To prevent injuries , please stretch out before the game, and loosen the muscles, it only takes a few  minutes and can save a lot of pain.

The correct way to complete a throw in..........

We often see this done wrong

Listen for the referee's whistle

This is what a whistle looks like

Look hard you WILL see the whistle.This is also an example of how to hold the ball safely until its time to place it on the ground!

  We currently play soccer in the over 60 yrs division of  BCMSL

 If you are legend (in your mind) looking for somewhere to showcase your talents feel free to contact our managerial guru Walt. (scroll down to contact)
We are like an old bra, we have no cups and very little support, but that does not stop us having fun.

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